The Sunseeker Charter Experience

The Sunseeker Experience
There are yacht charters, and then there are Sunseeker charters.
What sets the Sunseeker brand apart from the rest is very clear – a continuous search for luxury and exclusivity. This has always been our main focus as a brand. Our affinity for the finer things in life is rooted in the company’s long-standing association with the world of stardom, celebrity and haute couture, and our intent is for our clients to share in these treasures and experiences during their time onboard our vessels.
Sunseeker Malta Charters is always on a quest to come up with the most tasteful and discerning yacht charter experiences, provided of course, that our choices are in line with our clients’ individual desires. Every charter starts with you and no one else, although we’re always here to fill in the gaps whenever you’re unsure as to what you’re after. We understand that it can be a little overwhelming to curate your own charter if you’re not a seasoned sailor. Moreover, our designated region is the Mediterranean, which is in itself a vast and sundry landscape to explore. Naturally, you’ll want to select the most appropriate options that’ll work best for you.
The first step in your Sunseeker experience is to reach out to us. Our team is always ready and available to answer any of your questions, and we’re always poised to make the magic happen. We’ll start off by offering our fleet of yachts, and see what’s available during your requested travel period. Our current vessels are as follows:
Sunseeker 86 Yacht
Elegance 82
Sunseeker Manhattan 70
Sunseeker Predator 57
From here, we’ll move on to curating your destinations, and we’ll factor in your length of travel for this to make the most out of your time. Once we’ve established your logistics, it’s time to embellish your charter experience with everything the Mediterranean – and our network – has to offer. From the best snorkeling spots to the most enthralling dining adventures along the coast, we know where to take you. All of this is of course influenced by your personal tastes and what you’re looking to experience.
For our more adventurous and athletic types, our primary suggestion will always be our selection of ancillaries and water toys that complement your vessel. From paddle boarding to jet skis and flyboards, we are able to equip your Sunseeker yacht with the foremost watercrafts in the industry, allowing you to experience the Mediterranean waters like never before. Naturally, there are other and more simpler activities for you to enjoy, and if a few hours of relaxation on a sandy beach is what you’re after, our crew knows this basin’s pristine perimeter like the back of their hand.
Make the most out of your vessel, letting the horizon views do the talking during your stay. Indulge in our private chef’s menu of Mediterranean cuisine, with produce directly sourced from the areas you are visiting. Take in the breathtaking and exclusive locations, all specifically selected for your yacht charter.
At Sunseeker Malta Charters, we are able to make your yachting dreams come to fruition, commencing with your yacht, period and destination of choice. Treat your select guests to an unparalleled service onboard a fully crewed vessel.


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