Exploring Malta’s Hidden Gems aboard your Sunseeker Yacht

Welcome aboard as we embark on a Sunseeker charter to uncover Malta’s lesser-known yachting spots. While the islands are renowned for their stunning coastline and historic landmarks, you and your Sunseeker yacht charter may come across a few secluded areas, tucked away within the shoreline. These glorious places have long beckoned intrepid boaters with a thirst for nature, and we’re here to curate a Sunseeker charter that will unveil these beautiful locations to you. Join us as we set off on a luxurious yacht charter, delving into Malta’s hidden coves, azure waters and untamed beauty.












Our first stop takes us to the enchanting island of Comino, a tranquil oasis nestled between Malta and Gozo. While many visitors flock to the famous Blue Lagoon, we’ll steer our Sunseeker yacht charter towards its open secrets, where crystalline waters invite you to dive into vibrant marine life and untouched beaches. As there are no marinas or harbours on Comino, your Sunseeker charter will be anchor-based.

Far from the tourist trail is the Crystal Lagoon, a non-sandy bay with high cliffs and a sunlit cave, also known as Popeye’s Cave. It had its screen cameo back in 1980 as the backdrop to Robin Williams’ battle with a giant octopus. The cave features a skylight as a result of a collapsed ceiling. Despite its slice of the action, Crystal Lagoon is in fact classified as a nature reserve and bird sanctuary, so we urge you to treat these surroundings with the utmost care and respect. Santa Maria Bay is a quieter bay further north, with shallow yet pristine waters, an accessible beach and the most incredible sea caves on the other side of a spit of land. A visit through the Santa Maria caves will require a tender or watercraft to accompany your Sunseeker charter, which will take you through the network of five caves and their narrow openings. This is a great spot for diving and snorkelling, where you’ll get to have an intimate experience with the marine life here.












Also known as Selmunett, St Paul’s Island is essentially two islands connected by a narrow isthmus, and lies just a short cruise away from Għadira Bay. There is an anchorage on the south side, and its only structures are the statue of St Paul and a derelict tower. Once you’re on land, you’ll be able to take in spectacular views of Buġibba, and keen divers aboard your Sunseeker charter should take this opportunity to explore the sunken ferry in St Paul’s Bay. Your Sunseeker charter can then take you to Il-Ħofra, a glorious bay on the south east of Malta. Although there are two bays, the preferred anchorage spot is to the right-hand side. Aside from the rugged cliffs and azure blue waters, you’ll get to enjoy the Ħofriet Window, through which you can see both bays. This is a relatively quiet spot all year round, rendering it ideal as a Sunseeker charter stop. We also recommend anchoring at St Peter’s Pool, although this area has its limitations.

No Sunseeker Malta charter is complete without a visit to Gozo. We recommend the picturesque bay of Daħlet Qorrot, which features some of Gozo’s clearest and freshest water. The scene is set with several old boat houses which served fishermen in the past as shelter, and the shallow parts of this area provide some excellent marine life for you to explore. Right by Daħlet Qorrot is San Filep, a unique beach formed by smooth rocks and a continuation of those great waters you’ve been enjoying. As this is quite a remote area, your Sunseeker vessel is where you’ll dine and seek refreshments, and we’ll be sure to provide everything you need for your yacht charter. We’ll then take you to ix-Xatt l-Aħmar, which is right behind Mġarr Harbour. This is a tranquil bay featuring salt pans and a golden red hue across its cliffs. Divers will be happy to discover the MV Xlendi – an 80m roll-on roll-off ferry – which had been scuttled just off the coast to help form an artificial reef. Other wrecks in this area include the MV Karwela and MV Cominoland, so we’re very happy to dedicate some extra time in your itinerary.












Embark on a yacht charter adventure like no other as we navigate the pristine waters of Malta, uncovering hidden spots and secret havens accessible only by yacht. Curate a Sunseeker yacht charter that cruises across the Maltese archipelago, charting a course through unspoiled landscapes.

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