A guide to booking your Sunseeker Yacht charter

Through our esteemed services across the Mediterranean, Sunseeker Malta Charters is here to give you the ultimate yachting experience onboard our Sunseeker fleet, no matter your desires.

Our curation of absolute yachting luxury starts with you. We go straight to the heart of the matter by addressing your exact requests from the get-go. All you have to do is reach out to us via email or calling us directly, and we can start shaping up your itinerary, as well giving you all the options that are possible through our networks and resources.

Our charter schedule is open to you at any given moment, be it next week or next year. However, if you’re after a particular vessel from our fleet or if you’re intent on travelling during a specific period, we strongly advise that you get in touch well ahead in advance. This allows us to secure any special requests you have for us, and it will also give you more time to curate your voyage, down to the last detail.

Our team is able to draw inspiration from your own imagination, as well as our own experience. We are compelled by your discerning tastes to deliver the highest standards possible in the charter industry, adhering to the Sunseeker calibre. Our objective is to find out what you’re looking for in your charter, and go beyond it within the parameters of your budget. We’ll delve into the destinations you’d like to explore, as well as what they have to offer. From restaurants offering the finest flavours and ambience, to elite shopping destinations, performances and luxury vehicles to be enjoyed on land, there’s much to experience. Naturally, we’re also able to provide you with a heightened nautical experience that complements your vessel, with exhilarating sea toys and ancillaries to help you enjoy the surrounding waters.

If you’re not entirely sure as to what you’d like to experience, we’re here to fill the gaps for you. It all starts off with our portfolio of destinations, our fleet and an in-depth questionnaire to help us determine you and your guests’ food preferences, allergies and dietary requirements. You will receive a concierge-level of service when it comes to compiling your itinerary, and our team will always be at hand to assist you before your departure and during your stay onboard with us. For any spontaneous activities during the charter, the crew will be at hand to make any viable suggestions, so do not feel obliged to have everything planned ahead.

During your booking, we’ll talk you through our portfolio of destinations, which includes Sicily, the Aeolian Islands, the Amalfi Coast, Croatia and its Dalmatian Coast, and of course, our beloved Maltese Isles. We can transport you to these incredible territories in the best possible style, allowing you to experience them the Sunseeker way. Your choice of destinations will help us determine the best course for you and your vessel.

We encourage you to be as specific as you like with your charter requests. There’s almost nothing we can’t achieve. You’ll be assigned a charter consultant from the start, who will collaborate with you and the captain to come up with your dream Sunseeker yacht charter. You’re free to be involved as much or as little as you like, but do bear in mind that, depending on the weather and berthing facilities available, your itinerary may be subject to change. From our end, we’ll do our utmost to remain on schedule, and provide suitable alternatives.

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