About Us

Sunseeker Malta Charter

It is all about what you see and the experience. No holiday on earth can compare to chartering a yacht.

Experience the best of private yacht charters

At Sunseeker Malta we know what makes a successful charter; we have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you get it.

The finest charter destinations

Being in the middle of the Mediterranean, we have the perfect location to start your charter. Each year we research the scene and we know where is hot and where is not. We know the most fashionable places to visit and the most beautiful locations where you can anchor in a bay of your own. Wherever you want to go, we know how to get there in comfort and style.

Tailored yacht vacations

With the finest luxury yachts for charter in Malta, we can make just about any fantasy a reality.

Do you want to enjoy the buzzing social summer scene or simply avoid the busy crowds? We’ll tell you how to do both. Are you looking for action and adventure or relaxation and sightseeing in your vacation? Or do you simply want to spend your time enjoying the water sports equipment.

Share your vacation dreams with us and we’ll work tirelessly to find a way to make your dream holiday happen.